Orkester Norden Lahti 2019

Greetings from Orkester Norden Lahti 

Orkester Norden is a Symphony Orchestra for young musicians at the age of 15 to 26. Orkester Norden is welcoming you all to Lahti on summer 2019. For the next 5 years city of Lahti is hosting Orkester Norden together with Association of the Finnish Lions Clubs. We are looking forward to receive applications from previous years Orkester Norden musician as well as the new ones. We hope you can share this news with your students and staff members.  Attached poster has been posted to your school today and it should arrive latest beginning of next week. 

Facts about ON 2019: 

Application period 21.1.-4.3.2019

Rehearsal period in Lahti 29.7.-7.8.2019 (Rehearsals are held in Lahti Concert Hall and Sibelius Hall)

Tour dates 8.-13.8.2019 (Concert at the Sibelius Hall 9.8.2019, other tour destinations are yet to be confirmed)

Program 2019 Šostakovitšin Sinfonia nro. 5, Sibelius: Lemminkäinen (additional number to be confirmed later)

Conductor: Eva Ollikainen

Instrument instructors:

1st violin,   Adam Grüchot, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
2nd violin, Arne Jørgen Øian, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
Viola, Mina Fred, Athelas Sinfonietta
Cello, Ilkka Uurtimo, Lahti Symphony Orchestra (leader of the artistic team)
Double bass, Michael Karlsson, The Royal Swedish Opera
Woodwinds, Viktor Wennesz, Danish Royal Life Guard Orchestra
Brass, Ingemar Roos, Norwegian Academy of Music
Percussion, Heikki Parviainen, The Finnish National Opera

How to apply: 

Fill in the application form here: https://goo.gl/forms/K2Dcu1gIAnhBH9sr1

Once we have received your form we will send you the link to our video audition website with the instructions. Your audition videos are reviewed and evaluated by our team of instructors.  Applications materials are the same as 2018. They can be found from: http://www.orkesternorden.com/english/summer-tour-2019/how-to-apply/

Other information

Like previous years participation in ON ’19 is free and travel during the course/concert tour is included. We provide daily meals and shared rooms.

More practical info will be sent to you if you get an invitation to the orchestra. You must pay your own travel to and from Lahti/Finland.

Keep in mind that you can apply your local Lions Club for a travel grant. About the travel grant, contact the local Lions Club first. For more information about the travel grant you can contact Lions ON Coordinator in the Nordic countries:

Denmark, Finn Jörgensen, FinnogMette@stofanet.dk

Finland, Erkki Voutilainen, erkki.voutilainen@pp5.inet.fi

Iceland, Gerdur Jonsdottir, gj@simnet.is

Norway, Erik Evang, ereva@online.no

Sweden, Finn Bangsgaard, finn.bangsgaard@gmail.com

Contact information

Producer Henna Keihäs: henna@orkesternorden.com or henna.keihas@lahti.fi  tel. +358 50 383 6551.

You can find us from the social media as well!