WPTA International Piano Competition (WPTA IPC)

The World Piano Teachers Association draws your attention to its International Piano Competition (WPTA IPC), a member of the Alink-Argerich Foundation.

It is a competition with a real difference; our mission is ”Putting pianists where they belong – on the stage!”

The auditioning process is unique as competitors can send us their recordings as web-posted links or audio-visual files. Alternatively a live audition by a WPTA-appointed judge can be arranged in many places around the world.

In this way competitors avoid the expense normally associated with travelling to international piano competitions (airfares, accommodation etc). It also eliminates the stress of the live competing atmosphere, enabling pianists to select their best performances for us to hear.

Laureates will be featured as soloists at the annual World Piano Conference (WPC) in Novi Sad, Serbia. Winners will perform with orchestra at the Grand Gala Opening of the WPC and within the WPC Evening Gala Recital Series.

Laureates will have all their costs covered. In addition to their concert platform they will benefit from free masterclasses with world-class musicians and have access to all events in the World Piano Conference. The WPC provides the perfect opportunity to network and make contacts with pianists of influence from all over the world.

WPTA IPC functions on a constantly revolving basis, with the following dates recurring annually:

April 30: Application deadline

May 15: Laureates announced

June 27 – July 3: Award packages realised during the World Piano Conference, Novi Sad, Serbia

The WPTA IPC Rules and Application Form and complete details are available online at www.wpta.info/ipc.htm

We strongly encourage you to apply for this exciting event which can enhance your career in so many ways!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

Kind regards,


Ian Jones, WPTA IPC Artistic Director

Dorian Leljak, WPTA/WPC President

WPTA International Piano Competition

5a Belsize Square

London NW3 4HT United Kingdom

Telephone WPTA/WPC Office (Serbia) +381 63 8382988

Telephone WPTA IPC (UK) +44 7956 396929

e-mail office@wpta.info

web www.wpta.info/ipc.htm