Festivals JSFest 2019 in Turku

With great honor we would like to invite you to our JSFest Choir 
Competition (7.-11.11.2019) in Turku, Finland. The International 
cultural association of the city of Turku in Finland with Finnish 
company SEM Consulting and Union of Russian composers organizes an 
international festival competition ”JSFest” of choral, vocal and 
instrumental skills. The festival dedicated to famous Finnish composer 
Jean Sibelius. We invite to Finland all talented musicians and singers 
to participate in the Seventh International Festival competition ”JSFest 

Seventh International JSFest2019 timetable of competitions:
7. – 11.11.2019 – Choir competition
8. – 11.11.2019 – Vocal competition
15. – 18.11.2019 – Instrumental music competition
Concert halls for the competitions and competitors’ places of 
accommodation are in the center of the city and in proximity to each 

1. Basic Information
1.1. Detailed information about the festival and registration form on 
our website: www.jsfestcompetition.com
1.2. The competition JSFest is organized for musicians of all ages. 
Applications for participation accepted from 5.01.2019 to 1.08.2019.
1.3 The music program includes the competitive performances, concerts of 
friendship, ceremonies of opening and awarding, the Grand Prix performances and  final concerts.
Master classes are offered too.

Org.commettee provides free accommodation with 2 meals (breakfast and 
dinner) for 2 choir`s persones (conductor and the leader of the choir).

Please contact us if you are interested to take part in our Choir 
Competition. You can ask questions and get more information from the 
festivals organizers. Our e-mail address:

Best regards
Organizing Committee
Chairman Kari Tukia

President of the International cultural association of the city of Turku 
Svetlana Myhkyrä