Entries to The Music of the Centuries Competition for young instrumentalists

Greetings from Great Composers Competition.

We would like to invite your students to participate in the global online competition series The Music of the Centuries, member of Great Composers Competition Series.
There is still time to submit entries.

FREE entries: May 8 -15

The Music of the Centuries is an annual competition series paying tribute to the baroque, classical, romantic, and contemporary eras in music.

Competitions in the series:
The Music of 20th Century
The Music of 19th Century
The Music of 18th Century
The Music of 17th Century​

The competition series is open to instrumentalists* of all nationalities and countries up to 25 years. The same competition for singers is upcoming and entries open next month.

* piano, stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, classical guitar), woodwinds, brass, and percussion
– Instrumentalists
– Ensembles (instrumental groups from duo/duet to octet).

I. 5 – 7 years
II. 8 – 10
III. 11 – 13
IV. 14 – 16
V.17 – 19
VI. 20 – 22
VII. 23 – 25

The Age Groups for the ensembles are the same as above. Take into account the average age of the ensemble’ members.

One free-choice piece from composer born:
– 1900 – 1999 (The Music of 20th Century)
– 1800 – 1899​ (The Music of 19th Century)
– 1700 – 1799 (The Music of 18th Century)
– 1600 – 1699 (The Music of 17th Century)

Transcriptions/Arrangements are acceptable. For example, a piece of music adapted for another instrument(s) than which it was originally composed.

For large scale works e.g. concerto or sonata: one movement

You can submit entries for one or more of the competitions in the series according to your repertoire.

The competition is divided into a qualifying round (pre-screening) and a final round.
Both rounds are online.

Participants are required to submit a video recording of their performance (YouTube link or other online video platform) by email. Within the same email, please include your name, age and nationality; name of the piece and composer; and the competition you apply for.

Final Round:
Only those who pass the qualifying round are entitled to take part in the final round. They will participate in the final round with the same piece submitted for the pre-screening.

Multiple awards will be given in each category and age group.

Get started: click here to read more about the rules and repertoire requirements.

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