2018 NTD International Piano Competition

Dear Pianists,

Happy holidays; we hope you start 2018 in the most inspiring way!

Want a way to demonstrate you musicianwship to the world?

We’re writing to let you know the 2018 NTD International Piano Competition has officially launched—a perfect way to jump-start you music career.

Our competition is broadcast live on television and online. The NTD global network reaches millions through cable and broadcast, and our Facebook properties combined reach well over 80 million people.

Our mission is to revive the glorious music spanning the Baroque to Romantic eras, and the unique repertoire includes beloved classical pieces as well as an original commissioned work. Pianists will be judged on original style, tone color, and technique. Please visit our website to find more information.

Apply online at https://competitions.ntdtv.com/piano/ by July 31st, 2018.

NTD International Piano Competition Committee
competitions@ntdtv.com, 646-736-2988